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Backwards is Better was formed as a way for me to celebrate failures. As a teenager I never envisioned a future because I figured I would kill myself before I got to one.

Spoiler alert, I didn’t kill myself, but I continued to approach each day as another obstacle. I just needed to get through it. There was a breaking point where I realized I had to start finding reasons to want to live.

I always wanted to write. I looked at how my writing evolved over the years, then I reflected on how I had physically and mentally changed over the years. While I approached the traditional path with resistance, I never gave up and found a way to propel myself forward despite having absolutely no faith in my capabilities.

Backwards is Better is a place for me to embrace the part of myself that insists on doing things the hard way. It is a collection of my failures, successes, and things that I have learned on my journey.

My future hope is to collaborate and interview others about their failures and the eventual successes that followed. (Are you interested?)